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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2010 7:00am-7:30am PST

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>> welcome to the median of the
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san francisco will supervisor's which is home to the world champion san francisco giants. -- welcome to the meeting of the san francisco , a board of supervisors. >> mr. president, all members are present. >> please and gentlemen, can you please join me in the pledge of allegiance?
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>> we have copies of the september 28th meeting, do they have a motion to approve? moved and seconded. are there any communications? >> i have no communications. >> i want to recognize i understand there are some students from the -- school for juvenile offenders. i want to thank you for being here today. >> items 1-18 comprise the consent agenda. they will be acted upon by single will call vote. >> would anyone like to sever any of these items? >> 610.
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-- 16. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> those past. item 16. >> item 16 it is appointing timothy benetti for the seat.
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>> will call vote. -- roll call vote. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> i 19 is an amending the health code to set international standards for lead strum food sold a company to buy toys or other youth focused items. >> --slashruntim for restaurantd
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accompanied by touristandtoys. >> this has been an educational process for me. young people, corporate accountability activists. we have had conversations with michelle's obama's staff for the "let's move," campaign. we have been taking inspiration and strength from generations of our leaders, and food activists, neighborhood leaders,
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people who are demanding equitable food environments. also the generation of wisdom that comes out of our communities has been inspiring. it is inspiring to work with food justice activists. if we pass this today and move this forward in san francisco, there are many other issues of addressing a more equitable food environment. this is something that is catching on in the environment. there are other cities that are making efforts. we are part of a movement that is moving forward, an agenda of food justice and interesting and equitable food in the garments. -- and addressing inequitable
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food environments. activists like in the southeast of food access coalition and food guardians remind us that this is a survival issue. i want to repeat a couple of pieces of statistics. obesity in our nation is growing at a staggering rate. one in five people in the united states of america. about half of the population is overweight. for children in san francisco, african-american children, latino children, two or three times higher. it costs $900 million a year in
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health-care costs and lost productivity in our country and in the $42 billion that we spent. i also want to recognize some organizations that have discussed this and have educated some of us. i would like to think supervisor avalos, supervisor campos, and president chui for cosponsoring this. also hard-working staff at the department of public health. the corporate accountability group. the food guardians from the
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southeast food access working group, the california center for health advocacy, the american heart association, the richmond district neighborhood center, a the ethnic help network, and the president of the american public health association, one of the largest in the country. also ucsf researchers who have been working on this. also a group of pediatricians to have been amazing. they are truly community doctors. the doctors women collectives.
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also the san francisco unified school district is a model of improving our improvements where -- held -- improving our health. the change would not have been without the parents and leaders in our school district. i would like to thank the santa clara county supervisor for courage in taking this on. we would not have done this without this brought coalition and an emerging movement of food and justice. i would like to grab up by saying that this is a modest ordinance that is really getting the restaurant industry to meet basic nutritional standards for our children and families. -- i would like to wrap up.
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there is a serious crisis of childhood obesity which is an epidemic in our nation but this emerging movement within our communities here and within the nation are the first step forward. we intend to look at other issues of holding restaurants and corporations and government accountable. in our committee, we went through a number of amendments to make this better. the minor amendments are to clarify language. the first one is on page 6 which is simply added to clarify that this is not regulate speech or advertising. this is not ban the practice of tying toys to kids mill. -- kids' meals.
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the third is that we have removed the whole grains requirement that we added in. also, the last amendment is that it gives a one-year phase-in for this ordinance if we pass this in san francisco so the last day would be december 1st, 2011. i would like to urge my colleagues to keep the activism of our grass roots organization and passed this today -- pass this today. >> can we take those amendments without objection? they are adopted. >> thank you, mr. president.
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i would like to take a couple of minutes and talk about this. this will probably be the last time that i represent a swing vote. i want to take a moment and think supervisor mar. the comments recognize all of the stakeholders. i want to thank him as a colleague is a very gracious and thoughtful author. he is someone who endeavors to sit and listen to people and he gives you what i would like to say is called space in the room to change and come to a position. i would like to say to the advocates who have worked hard on this issue that utrillos a great leader in this at the board of supervisors.
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i would like to thank supervisor mar for visiting hilltop high school with me. -- i would like to say to the advocates who have worked hard on this issue and the great leader in this on the board of supervisors. for me, i thought that this was an amazing population to sit and talk with. these are the teenage girls who are the focus of a lot of marketing from the food-service industry. these are women that have had to grow up quickly and take responsibility and to think deeply about the future that they and their children would have. when i walked in the room, i was not sure how open and interested they would be in the issue. the association between young people and fast food is so strong that thought it would be the most dismissive audience.
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there are people who are dismissive about this. there are issues that come at a time when you have the public support. health access was one of those issues. for me, this reminds me of the suicide determined system on the golden gate bridge. -- deterrent system on the golden gate bridge. they have an opinion as to a myopic view of this issue whether this is a city or a parent that to choose what ac child east. the scales are not balanced in this equation. there is an enormous amount of money that is spent to market, advertise, and select the menu which will be appealing to customers, particularly young people. through working with my colleagues and meeting with advocates to see that $1.2
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billion in meals is being sold to children under 12 with toys and this represents one in five children of that age that are eating at the restaurant. the $360 million spent on toys, this is more than the issue of good parenting. i would be the first to confessed that even as we sat in there today, this was not just mcdonnell's that was the hot -- in the hot seat. -- this was not just a mcdonald's that was in the hot seat. i wanted to these young women to feel empowered in the process of talking about this legislation and thinking about it. the reality is that there is this instant dismissal of this legislation and this approach. when i sat in a room with the
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people supporting this legislation, these are people that are fighting the good fight. these are individuals that are working in the southeast neighborhoods to have farmers markets that are akin to those that take place in the castro and many other parts of the city where more protists is available. they are trying to convince markets to have more produce and more choices in them. -- these are individuals that are working in the southeast neighborhoods to have farmers markets that have more produce available. while we have added salad bars and while there is a movement to create a central kitchen at a high school, when we are done voting on this issue, we have a
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responsibility just as well. i think that what supervisor mar, the board president, supervisor avalos, supervisor campos, we have been fighting a david and goliath situation. they are paying attention. in the conversation today, these young women said that it is great that you have apple slices but we are basically dipping them in sugar to eat them. this is a contradiction as to why don't you have been a better set you get some nutrition out of it -- peanut butter so that at least you get some nutrition out of it? i was concerned about the timing of this legislation and i did not want it to be subject to
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ridicule. we are going to move up forward with something. in terms of a campaign, i said there was an little bit too much focus on getting the votes and not the public at large. making people think about this issue, not just within the context of whether toys will be free within a certain type of meal but rather as a society we have to move beyond where we are. while we are advancing in so many different areas such as technology, we have really retrogressed as it relates to food. i believe that the industry will take note of this. i don't care how much they say it is san francisco, they are crazy, it is doesn't matter.
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they are going to take notice of this. there will be elected officials who will be taking action based upon to this legislation and they will step forward and say that they will take a stand. that is the biggest issue. i want to encourage these major stakeholders to act now. i don't want to wait for the first lady and some efforts that are being fought bitterly by the industry trying to hedge and limit what may happen, i think that we can take a bold move here and say, you know what, you need to think about the fact that if you can market -- think about the fact that you can market whole wheat products and carrots. there has not been a real incentives for this industry to do that. i think that this legislation in a small appropriate weight is a step to say that you need to do
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things differently. -- i think that this legislation in a small appropriate way is a step. i know i move around some things but i am not changing on this issue. i am supporting it. thank you. [applause] >> any additional discussion? a roll call vote on this item as amendment -- as amended. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> no. >> aye. >> this ordinance is passed on the first reading. [applause] >> can you please call item 20, 25, 26. these are in reference to the bonds responding to the earthquake. >> item 22, a corporate and $85 million of the earthquake safety and emergency response general obligation bond for the department of public works and the public to his commission for the necessary repairs and seismic improvements in order to better prepare san francisco for a major earthquake or natural disaster.
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item number 25 is the issuance of general bonds not to exceed $412 million. item 26, an earthquake safety and emergency response bonds. >> can we have a roll call vote? >> >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> those ordinances are passed on the first reading. item 21. >> item 21, ordinance waiving the street encroachment permit inspection fee established
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through the public works code. >> same house, same call? the motion passes. item 22. >> item 22 is to accept and expend a grant, the probation specialize supervision program an amendment to the annual salary. >> same house, same call. the motion passes. >> item 23, ordinance authorizing the adult probation department to retroactively except and expand a grant in the amount of five and a thousand dollars from the office of justice programs for funding under the second chance at the state. >> we had what i thought was a very robust discussion that has advanced this without any
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controversy. the important thing to know is that we are piloting two reentry court systems for those who are formally incarcerated and yet being able to get what is more of a specialized and deemed to be more effective system of an adjudicator system with services that can finally tackle the very high recidivism rate in san francisco. this particular grant of $500,000 is to last from approximately two-five years. this is similar to a grand that has been given to the civil court. we hope that they are effective in reducing and mitigating those offenders who are inclined or prone to repeat their offense. i have traveled twice to sacramento to meet with the department of corrections in
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trying to lobby with the public defender and others. we are really lobbying for these grants so that san francisco would be the pilot center of what a reentry court looks like. san francisco, this will become a permanent fixture of our system. that is what i'm excited about. thank you. >> thank you, colleagues. can we do this item same house, same call? without objection. >> item 24, resolution concurring with the human service agencies declaration of emergency to modify the contract between the city and county of san francisco and hamilton family senate to provide emergency elevator repairs to the family shelter in the amount of $180,000. >> same house, same call.
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the motion passes. >> item 27, a resolution approving the city and county of san francisco 2010 grant application for the united states department of housing and urban development continuum of care programs. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted. >> item 28, resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish a property based business improvement district. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no9. >> the motion passes. item 29. >> ordinance amending the said his gut environmental code repealing the current sections and adopt an unused sections for the gradual reduction and overall number of passenger vehicles and light duty trucks in the city's vehicle fleet by 20%. >> roll-call vote. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> item 30. >> item 30, ordinance amending the planning code and an initiative code by amending the inclusion are affordable housing program. >> this amends the inflationary housing ordinance and in the wake of the decision from last year, also makes a number of changes to other sections in the planning code. it is came to my attention that there is one section of the planning code that does need conforming changes but was omitted from this legislation. that is section 2 4


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